Get Security You Can Rely On

Turn to a professional private security company based in Abilene, TX

When you're hosting a large event, the last thing you want is for an altercation to escalate to violence. Avoid this situation by hiring Apex Tactical Security. Our private security company provides security and protection for individuals and events in Abilene, TX and throughout the entire state of Texas.

Our security professionals aren't your run-of-the-mill officers. Each member is physically fit, highly trained and exceeds state and federal standards. We're also certified as federal first responders and can handle any situation, from an active shooter alert to a medical emergency. We're certified in CPR and first aid.

Protect your guests and your property by arranging for security services today.

We provide all kinds of security

Whether you need uniformed security escorts during a trip or want to keep the peace at a business event, our private security company can help. We provide...

Drug tests and background checks for your job site
On-site or escort armed security services
Posted security at your entry points
Security patrols and property inspections

With dedicated security services, we can enforce any applicable laws, rules, and policies so your event goes smoothly. Contact us now for more information.

Why choose Apex Tactical Security?

Why choose Apex Tactical Security?

If your security detail isn't properly trained, they might end up escalating a small misunderstanding into a big problem. Make sure you hire a skilled team when you need security services. You can rely on us because...

  • Our company is run by a veteran combat medic and Department of Homeland Security contractor. We have the skills and experience to calmly handle any situation.
  • We focus on verbal de-escalation and will make every effort to keep the peace at your event before detaining individuals for law enforcement.
  • You can work directly with our armed security officers to create a custom security detail and make sure specific rules are followed.

You won't have to worry about a rookie panicking in the heat of the moment when you work with Apex Tactical Security. Our team is trained and certified by P2 Concepts Training. Take your security to the next level by calling us at 325-333-0076.